7 Signs You Need to Update Your Contractor Website

August 2019
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You’ve worked hard to build your contractor business into the success it is today. 

Is your website working as hard as you are? 

Your contractor website could be one of the best tools in your belt when it comes to bringing in more leads and converting prospects to clients. But, like any tool, it needs to be sharp and up-to-date to give you the best results.

Here are 7 signs you need to update your contractor website:

  1. It looks terrible on a smartphone.
  2. It’s slower than mud.
  3. It hasn’t been current since the 90s.
  4. Your business has grown or changed.
  5. It doesn’t align with your brand.
  6. It’s not bringing you new leads.
  7. It's about as secure as a broken lock.

Does Your Website Look Terrible on a Smartphone?

Consumers today don't wait until the get back home to their desktop computer to search for a service or product. They pull out their smartphone the minute an idea occurs to them to find the answer at their fingertips.

Bad news for you if your site isn't mobile friendly.

If your site is hard to view or use on their mobile device, potential clients aren't going to hang around.

Potential clients don't want to deal with a website that has too-small font, links that are crowded together, or out-of-date flash videos that won't work on their phone.

Having a site that doesn't work on mobile immediately communicates that your contractor business is unprofessional and outdated. 

Does Your Site Take Forever to Load?

A slow-loading website is the kiss of death for prospective clients. No one has the time or patience to sit around and wait for your site to load.

So, how fast should it be?

53% of website visitors will bounce if your website takes longer than three seconds to load.

Some research suggests that people could lose interest in your site if it doesn’t load in the blink of an eye, or approximately 400 milliseconds.

One way to ensure your website is loading quickly is to invest in a responsive update. 

A responsive website is one that works on any screen size (checking the mark on multiple requirements — mobile friendly site, check! Fast loading site, check!).

Responsive websites typically load faster than non-responsive sites, which will please your potential clients (and search engines, too).

Is Your Website Showing its Age?

How long ago was your website built? If it’s been more than a few years, there’s a chance your site could come off more dated than that hideous sweater still hanging in the back of your closet.

When potential clients come to your website to learn more about the services you offer and to check out your completed projects, do they find a polished, clean, and modern site?

A clean and modern site communicates that your business is organized and professional, instilling trust in existing and potential clients.

On the flip side, a disorganized and old-fashioned site communicates to users that your contractor business is unprofessional and not deserving of their trust.

Has Your Business Changed or Grown?

A growing contractor business likely means an expanded list of services. 

The website that served you so well when you started eight years ago may not adequately convey your current list of services, portfolio of completed projects, or even the correct contact information.

Make sure that a website built for your early contractor business isn't holding your business back as you grow and expand.

Is Your Website Consistent With Your Brand?

Have you rebranded your contractor business since you had your website built? If so, you're due for an update that reflects your brand.

Consistent branding is essential to making your business recognizable to potential and existing clients.

Imagine you see a brochure for a business whose services you're interested in and then you head to a site with a completely different aesthetic. 

Would you second guess if you had the right business? 

Would you find the brand to be incongruent and unprofessional? 

Be sure that your brand is up-to-date, visible, and consistent across all your marketing materials and professional platforms.

Is Your Website Bringing In New Business?

Getting people to your website is half the battle. The second half is converting these website visitors into leads.

Once someone visits your website, are they compelled to join your email list, request a quote, or schedule a consultation?

An out-of-date contractor website can make it difficult to convert a user into a lead.

A modern website, on the other hand, will have multiple conversion points and call-to-actions throughout, making it easy for you to bring in new leads.

Is Your Site Secure?

In a world full of cyber crime and identity theft, people take their online security very seriously these days.

And so do search engines like Google.

If your website isn't an 'https' site, then it isn't secure.

That 's' indicates that your site has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which tells visitors that they information is going to remain safe on your secure site.

Without it, they might not stick around.

Establishing an encrypted link, an SSL ensures that all data passed between the browser and the web server remains private.

Without an SSL, a hacker can gain access to personal information given to you by visitors.

Your website won’t just convert itself to a secure site. You’ll have to take steps to do that yourself. Or, just task that to the web developer who’s giving your site an update. Because, chances are, if your website isn’t secure, it probably needs some of the other updates listed above, too.

An updated contractor website is essential to the continuing success of your growing business. Don’t neglect this crucial tool - keep it sharp and working hard for you.

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