We Found Safety Equipment So Cool You'll Want to Wear It

August 2019
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We all know that, in the construction industry, personal protective equipment is essential to minimizing exposure to workplace hazards.

Personal protective equipment is a must have for safety, but can sometimes seem cumbersome or inconvenient  when you're trying to get the job done. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 7 options in safety equipment that are so cool you'll want to wear them:

  1. VIZABLE FR Hi-Vis Dual Hazard Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  2. ATA® PreventWear™ Pullover
  3. Magid® AeroDex™ Work Glove
  4. Eye Muffs G6
  5. Max Patrolâ„¢ Self Retracting Lifeline
  6. TruAir P100 Respirator
  7. Crystal2.0 Welding Helmet

1. Fire Resistant Comfort

Flame resistant and soft knit, the VIZABLE FR Hi-Vis Dual Hazard Long Sleeve T-Shirt delivers on both protection and comfort.

The 3M™ Scotchlite™ segmented reflection ensures high visibility for extra safety while the soft knit offers comfort and style. 

This flame resistant long-sleeved tee features a tables neckline guarantees to offer comfort that will last the whole workday.

2. Comfortable Cut Protection

For those that work with glass or other abrasive materials, the ATA® PreventWear™ is created to offer protection significant abrasion and cut resistance. This shirt made by Worldwide Protective Products is cut scored at ANSI A6 across the abdomen section, the arteries in the arm and neck are protected at a score of ANSI A5, while the upper chest, back, and biceps score at ANSI A4.

With thumb loops and ribbed cuffs that hold sleeves in place, the wrists remain protected. And bright orange upper sleeves ensure that you'll be visible, improving safety.

Built for safety and comfort, the fabric stretches and breathes with a comfortable collar that protects and cools the skin as well as a mesh back and vented armpits for ventilation, the shirt is light-weight as comfortable to wear.

3. Hand Protection With Dexterity

The lightest cut A4 glove ever, Magid’s D-ROC® GPD482 AeroDex™ Work Glove features lightweight steel technology that is 50% lighter than comparable cut A4 gloves.

The AeroDex provides a flexibility and dexterity that allows you to perform tasks that require an extreme tactile sensitivity without taking your gloves off, keeping you protected throughout every job.

Specially engineered to keep hands cooler that comparable gloves, AeroDex will keep your hands comfortable and safe throughout the workday.

4. Eye and Ear Protection

Combining safety goggles with ear cushions, Eye Muffs G6 offer protection against both eye injuries and damage to ears from high-frequency noise.

Designed by a tradesman for tradesmen, Eye Muffs are tried, tested, and cut out to perform. 

5. Versatile Fall Prevention

Combining the freedom of movement with a fall-arrest mechanism, the Werner R4100 Max Patrolâ„¢ Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL) is designed to minimize clearance requirements.

Allowing for line-lock performance, the SRL is designed for use in leading edge applications and meets safety standards for OSHA and ANSI Class A.

Featuring a carrying handle for transport, an impact-resistant polymer housing with swivel top, and a shock pack to aid inspection, each unit has a 3/16 inch galvanized steel cable in available in at either 20, 30, or 65 foot lengths.

6. Comfortable Respiratory Protection

A disposable respirator that offers compact size and exceptional comfort, the new TruAir P100 from Gateway Safety is NIOSH approved.  

P100 respirators are traditionally big and bulky in order to accomplish the level of protection now available in TruAir's smaller, light-weight size.

The dual cloth head straps are adjustable, providing a custom fit, while the exhalation vent creates easier breathing by reducing hot air build up.

7. High-Visibility Welding Helmet

Offering state-of-the-art optical clarity for welders, the new optrel crystal2.0 welding helmet with Crystal 2.0 Lens Technology delivers 31% visible light transmission in its light state (Protection Level 2.0).

Traditional welding helmet glare-protection typically offers a false, clouded view of environment and work being performed – murky visibility that decreases both safety and productivity.

Setting a new world record for brightness - breaking their own record from three years prior – optrel's crystal2.0's is leading the welding industry in visibility and safety.

These 7 choices in safety equipment will protect you from many of the hazards the construction industry can throw your way. And they’re so cool you’ll look forward to putting them on.

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